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Interracial Couple

“The true history of the mind is not preserved in learned volumes but in the living psychic organism of every individual." ~ C. G. Jung


While I have worked successfully with people on a diversity of issues, my three main passions involve working with:

  • Men and women (35 - 65 years of age) who are struggling with a Mid-Life or Later-Life Crises, with an attendant loss of meaning in life, often accompanied by depression and anxiety.
  • Young men and women (aged 18 - 35) who may be experiencing a "Quarter-Life Crises", searching for a more soulful, unique and meaningful life to live that will be satisfying and fulfilling in terms of relationships, vocation, and beyond.
  • Licensed therapists (and others) who want to have a deeper understanding of Jungian analysis, integrate this understanding into their life and practices, and perhaps enter training eventually to become a certified (IAAP) Jungian analyst.


As a Jungian Analyst, my approach is to connect with you at a deep level by listening carefully to the problems and issues you are facing in your life. In a warm, safe, and supportive setting we will use such methods as dream analysis, journaling, and other creative ways to tap into the unconscious wisdom within, which can lead to a more authentic and rewarding life.

I look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Please call: 562 - 882 - 5839 for a free half hour consultation, or simply e-mail me.