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Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

"To gain an understanding of religious matters, probably all that is left us today is the psychological approach. ~ C.G. Jung


What it Means to be a Classical/Traditional Jungian. Workshop for students and analysts of the C. G. Jung Study Center of Southern California. Culver City, CA. March, 2016.

Mystics, Warriors and the Grail; Exploring the Sacred Medieval Psyche. Lecture and Discussion. San Diego Friends of Jung: September 12, 2014.

Orange County Jung Club: September 21, 2014.

Grevatt, William. K. The Anatomy of a Mid-Life Crises – Mapping the Inner Journey – Experiential Workshop given at the C.G. Study Center of Southern California, Culver City, April, 2014.

Grevatt, William K. Exploring the Sacred Medieval Psyche; The Flowering of Feminine Mysticism, 1200-1350. All day experiential workshop given at the C. G. Jung Study Center of SC, Culver City, October, 2012.

Grevatt, William. K. The Vocation Of Depth Psychology. Basic Jung Series workshop given at the C. G. Jung Study Center of Southern California in November of 2011.  

Grevatt, William. K. Understanding Your Dreams; Experiential workshop given at the C.G. Jung Club of Orange County, Chapman University, March, 2011.

Grevatt, William. K. Mystics, Warriors, and The Grail; Exploring the Sacred Medieval Psyche. All day experiential workshop delivered to Analysts in Training at the C. G. Jung Study Center of SC, December, 2011.


Grevatt, William K. Meister Eckhart & C. G. Jung: Mysticism, Individuation, and the Transformation of the God-image. Psychological Perspectives; Volume 59-3, 2016. Grevatt, William K. Mystics, Warriors, and The Grail; Exploring the Sacred Medieval Psyche. Article on depth psychology and it's historical roots within medieval religious mysticism. Psychological Perspectives; Volume 56-1, 2013; Los Angeles, California.

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Grevatt, William K. Exploring the Sacred Medieval Psyche; The Flowering of Feminine Mysticism; 1200 - 1350.  Article on medieval religious mysticism and its parallels to modern depth psychology. Psychological Perspectives; Volume 56-4, Fall, 2013; Los Angeles, California

Grevatt, William K. Redeeming Eros: The Grail Legend and Le Cri de Merlin. Article exploring the practical meaning of restoring the feminine within individuals and society today, based upon a further interpretation of the Grail Legend and Jung as a modern day Merlin figure. Psychological Perspectives, Volume 57- 1, 2014; Los Angeles, California.


  • All of the informative symbols from movie, concepts, etc. were very valuable. I enjoyed every single minute of the movie and also the feedback from everyone – plus I learned so much. Please come back soon – you’re wonderful.

  • You have a very wonderful, safe, humble, yet very intelligent style.  

  • The workshop helped to develop a better understanding of the archetypical stages we move through in life’s passages and into our later life cycle. It was a great movie to illustrate our mid-life changes which can appear out of nowhere.

  • The film was a great illustration and unfolding of the “self-regulating psyche” and discussion deepened the experience, which I can relate to myself at this time as well as integrate in my work with others – many thanks!

  • The manner in which you led the discussion was so open and encouraging; it made it exciting to think and participate! The choice of the film was excellent. Let’s do it again with another film. 


  • Thank you again for a provocative, interesting, and soulful seminar this past Saturday on the medieval mystics and the Grail.

  • Thank you so much for today's sensitive and profound workshop. It is a real gift to be taken into depth discussion and reflection upon this lineage worthy of great respect. It feels like home.

  • I so appreciate the thoughtfulness and hard work that went into the day and thank you for your steady focus, kind support, and willing ear.

  • I enjoyed exploring the material, breaking into groups, having a general conversation and listening to the music that brought me back to the period in question.

  • I really appreciated the workshop and your ingenuity in getting us to discuss everything. Very worthwhile and a great way to interact with our colleagues. Thanks for all your work in putting it together.