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Interracial Couple

"To gain an understanding of religious matters, probably all that is left us today is the psychological approach. ~ C.G. Jung


UPCOMING SEMINAR/WORKSHOP, Saturday, March 3, 2018 - From 10Am - 3Pm

The Vocation Of Depth Psychology: Everything you'll want to know about becoming a Jungian analyst! Basic Jung Series seminar/workshop to be delivered at the C. G. Jung Study Center of Southern California in Culver City. (9696 Culver Blvd. suite # 205)

To register go to: www.jungstudycenter.com/events  (after January 1, 2018)

What it Means to be a Classical/Traditional Jungian. Workshop for students and analysts of the C. G. Jung Study Center of Southern California. Culver City, CA. March, 2016.

Mystics, Warriors and the Grail; Exploring the Sacred Medieval Psyche. Lecture and Discussion. San Diego Friends of Jung: September 12, 2014 and at the Orange County Jung Club: September 21, 2014.

The Anatomy of a Mid-Life Crises – Mapping the Inner Journey – Experiential Workshop given at the C.G. Study Center of Southern California, Culver City, April, 2014.

Exploring the Sacred Medieval Psyche; The Flowering of Feminine Mysticism, 1200-1350. All day experiential workshop given at the C. G. Jung Study Center of SC, Culver City, October, 2012.

Understanding Your Dreams; Experiential workshop given at the C.G. Jung Club of Orange County, Chapman University, March, 2011.



Grevatt, William K. Confronting the Trickster; Crises and Opportunity in the Time of Trump. Psychological Perspectives; Volume 61-1, 2018

Grevatt, William K. Meister Eckhart & C. G. Jung: Mysticism, Individuation, and the Transformation of the God-image. Psychological Perspectives; Volume 59-3, 2016.

Grevatt, William K. Redeeming Eros: The Grail Legend and Le Cri de Merlin. Article exploring the practical meaning of restoring the feminine within individuals and society today, based upon a further interpretation of the Grail Legend and Jung as a modern day Merlin figure. Psychological Perspectives, Volume 57- 1, 2014; Los Angeles, California.

Grevatt, William K. Mystics, Warriors, and The Grail; Exploring the Sacred Medieval Psyche. Article on depth psychology and it's historical roots within medieval religious mysticism. Psychological Perspectives; Volume 56-1, 2013; Los Angeles, California.

Grevatt, William K. Exploring the Sacred Medieval Psyche; The Flowering of Feminine Mysticism; 1200 - 1350.  Article on medieval religious mysticism and its parallels to modern depth psychology. Psychological Perspectives; Volume 56-4, Fall, 2013; Los Angeles, California



  • All of the informative symbols from movie, concepts, etc. were very valuable. I enjoyed every single minute of the movie and also the feedback from everyone – plus I learned so much. Please come back soon – you’re wonderful!

  • The workshop helped to develop a better understanding of the archetypical stages we move through in life’s passages and into our later life cycle. It was a great movie to illustrate our mid-life changes which can appear out of nowhere.

  • The film was a great illustration and unfolding of the “self-regulating psyche” and discussion deepened the experience, which I can relate to myself at this time as well as integrate in my work with others – many thanks!


  • Thank you again for a provocative, interesting, and soulful seminar this past Saturday on the medieval mystics and the Grail.

  • Thank you so much for today's sensitive and profound workshop. It is a real gift to be taken into depth discussion and reflection upon this lineage worthy of great respect. It feels like home.

  • I really appreciated the workshop and your ingenuity in getting us to discuss everything. Very worthwhile and a great way to interact with our colleagues. Thanks for all your work in putting it together.