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"The unendurable conflict is proof of the rightness of your life." ~ C.G. Jung 

Helping people to find meaning who are suffering a mid-life crises is a special passion I have developed working as a Jungian analyst. To understand that what you are enduring is a natural process that many other people have experienced before you may not lessen your unique suffering. It may however help to make the journey more meaningful, and that can make all the difference, turning the crises into an opportunity for much greater wholeness and authenticity.

I also help younger individuals with quarter-life crises and transition, and older individuals with three-quarter life crises and transitions

THE ARCHETYPE OF THE APOCALYPSE -- Analyzing the Pandemics of Racism, Covid-19 and Climate Change 

What we are witnessing in the present time in human history, in the 2020’s, is a vortex of intersecting pandemics – jolting revelations that are unfolding with a terrific energy and force – so much so that we cannot ignore them or escape them. These include the world‐wide pandemics of racism, COVID‐19 and climate change. This book argues that all of these swirling pandemics are manifestations of the archetype of the apocalypse, which is constellating now in a very powerful way. 

Any one of these phenomena could swallow humanity whole as a species. Together they represent a seemingly overwhelming challenge for us to meet over the next century of life on earth. If humanity cannot meet the challenge of these combined negative forces, it could simply perish. 

A multi‐layered intersecting set of challenges such as this has never yet occurred in human history. We must therefore be very alert to what is going on, and as to how we can consciously mediate these threats, both individually and collectively. It also presents an unprecedented opportunity for humanity to evolve and grow psychologically, both individually and collectively, nationally and globally.

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My 2020 book entitled "The Alchemy of Tyranny" describes the dark shift to the political right as it manifests globally, analyzing this from both an alchemical and depth psychological perspective. Along the way, it explores the projections that are occurring consciously and unconsciously within the leaders and populations of a host of nations in Europe, America, and Asia. It specifically discusses how we as individuals can become more conscious of the psychodynamic factors at work, thus avoiding becoming possessed by them.

When you distill tyranny down to its base elements, you always find the same rancid ingredients; hate, fear, doubt, anger, xenophobia and racism. This amounts to a demonization of anything ‘other;’ and a murky unconscious projection of the dark shadow onto that 'other.' And when this is being consciously promoted by authoritarian rulers around the world, it nothing less than incarnated evil.

Seventy-five years after World War II and the forward movement of democratic liberalism throughout the world, the ground is shifting again, and those hard fought for values are under increasing duress. Consistent with Jung’s concept of psychological enantiodromia, the pendulum is swinging back now in the opposite direction, and we find ourselves to be in a collective global regression of these liberal democratic values. 

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