Research Interests

Dr. William

Mid - Life Crises and Transition 

"The unendurable conflict is proof of the rightness of your life." ~ C.G. Jung 

Helping people to find meaning who are suffering a mid-life crises is a special passion I have developed working as a Jungian analyst. To understand that what you are enduring is a natural process that many other people have experienced before you may not lessen your unique suffering. It may however help to make the journey more meaningful, and that can make all the difference, turning the crises into an opportunity for much greater wholeness and authenticity.

The Sacred Medieval Psyche 

Originally from Montreal, I was brought up Roman Catholic and have had a life long interest in Christian Mystics, beginning with St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and St. Francis of Assisi. More recently this has grown to include Meister Eckhart and the female beguines I write about (see Papers & Presentations). I am now very much focused on how these mystics related to the sacred from a depth psychological perspective. 

I have also had the pleasure of visiting both Assisi in Italy (2004) and Avila in Spain (2009), as well as walking some of the sacred Camino de Compestella de Santiago in the northwestern province of Galicia in Spain that same year. This was followed by another sacred walk at the beginning of the Camino in France in June of 2013. It was a spectacular 200 kilometers though forests, countryside and ancient medieval towns like St. Chely de Aubrac, Estaing, and Conques, all UNESCO world heritage sites which parallel the old Roman road between Lyons and Toulouse. 

Finally, I had the privilege of living in England and attending Cambridge University, a medieval institution founded in 1208 AD, where I formally studied experimental psychology and informally studied history. What I am writing about intersects at the crossroads of religious mysticism, history, and depth psychology. 

The Alchemy of Tyranny

What began as a mid-summers river cruise from Prague to Budapest on the Danube in June of 2018, opened up into an alchemical and psychological exploration of the increasing tyranny emerging presently within Central Europe. When you distill tyranny down to its base elements, you always find the same rancid ingredients; hate, fear, doubt, anger, and racism. This amounts to a demonization of anything ‘other;’ and a murky unconscious projection of the dark shadow onto that 'other.' And when this is being consciously promoted by authoritarian rulers around the world, including the likes of Vladimir Putin in Russia, Donald Trump in the United States, and Viktor Orban in Hungary, it is nothing less than incarnated evil.

Our problem, at its root, is not political but rather moral and spiritual in nature; where the concept of ‘the greater good’ and ‘we, the people’ has all but disappeared. Seventy-five years after World War II and the forward movement of democratic liberalism throughout the world, the ground is shifting again, and those hard fought for values are under increasing duress. Consistent with Jung’s concept of psychological enantiodromia, the pendulum is swinging back now in the opposite direction, and we find ourselves to be in a collective global regression of these liberal democratic values. Exploring these issues is what I write about in my upcoming Psychological Perspectives article entitled: The Alchemy of Tyranny; Analyzing the Radical Shift to the Geo-political Right from a Jungian Perspective.

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