What is Jungian Analysis?

Jungian analysis is a systematic examination and cultivation of the inner life. It is applicable not only to neurosis but also to those with a normal psychology who wish to promote their own psychological development. The basic instrument of this procedure is the personality of the analyst. Major care and attention is thus given to the selection and training of potential analysts.

The primary requirement for an analyst is that he or she have undertaken a thorough personal analysis which leads to a higher level of psychological development. Fundamentally, it is the client's opportunity to have a living relationship and dialogue with a more developed conscious personality that produces the healing effect. The analyst takes not only the conscious attitude of each client into account but also what is going on in the unconscious that may be affecting that person's behavior.

The major approach to the unconscious is through dream interpretation. A dream is considered to be an objective expression of the psyche describing, in symbolic language, the nature of the current psychic situation. The understanding of dreams, therefore, becomes a powerful aid in the growth of consciousness.

In addition to dreams, imaginative and expressive activity of all kinds is encouraged. Drawing, painting, sculpture, story-writing, etc., may be suggested as a means of expressing emerging unconscious material. Such creative products are then examined in much the same way as dreams. This objectification of the psychic image can be a profound source of healing psychic energy. A creative relationship between the ego and unconscious is now possible.

In summary, the development of a client's consciousness, through assimilation of previously unconscious contents, allows that person to become much more psychologically grounded, and able to make more conscious decisions in life. In this way Jungian analysis can be a very powerful and practical tool.

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